Thursday, 11th December, 2014

Christmas Orders for 2014

Nobody likes to think about Christmas too early, but we’ve had the order forms in the shop for a little over a week now and someone suggested I make them available online too, which is a good idea.

Unfortunately, Christmas falls on a Thursday this year, which is Bad News for small retailers as our orders have to be with our suppliers almost a week earlier than usual.  We have included the ‘Order By’ dates on the forms as well.  Please bear in mind that we will do our absolute best to fulfil orders placed after these dates, but we can’t guarantee anything!  Sorry!

Orders must be in by these dates for the following items…

Fresh Meats: Saturday 13th Dec
Cheeses: Wednesday 17th Dec
Dairy & Fresh bread: Saturday 20th December

The orders themselves…

Our order form is quite straightforward.  We haven’t included a tick sheet of things you might like as the range available from our fresh suppliers would mean we are handing out actual booklets or brochures.

The butcher (Primrose Pork) provides Pork and Beef as you’d like and expect a butcher to provide it, and even a range of Lamb.

The bakers includes both De’Ath’s (our daily bread) and The Rabbit Bakery (our Saturday speciality bread) and they supply their usual range.

The dairy is Marybelle, so higher quality and more local than nearby supermarket offerings, and they supply milk, creams, yoghurts, and even creme fraiche.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Click here to download a pdf of our order sheet.

Deli Order Sheets – Christmas 2014


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