Sunday, 4th March, 2012

A little bit about some Easter stuff

Some of our easter stuff

We’ve just got our Easter stuff in and as you can see some of it is jolly good fun.

From the makers of “Bochox” and “No Weight Gain Chocolate*” comes the innovative “Flat-pack Easter egg” along with a couple of other cheeky chocs.

We have some chocolate bunnies, some rather indulgent eggs and even some of the yummy mini-eggs from the chucklesome Edward Monkton.

Since Easter is a good time to indulge in chocolatey things, we took the opportunity to restock our incredibly popular truffles (Plain, Champaigne and Cappuccino flavours, all down from £3.75 to £3.50/box) and the snazzy range of Cachet dark chocolate bars (Lemon & Pepper, Orange & Almond, Blackberry & Ginger, and Pear & Almond).

So if you want some good chocolate and don’t want to settle for some mass-manufactured supermarket pap, dash in and say hello.  It might be eggsactly what you need…

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