Tuesday, 24th January, 2012

Celebrating Burns’ Night?

Some 'Gruth Dhu'

The new year sees Burns’ Night, a celebration of the birth of Scottish lyricist and poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns.  Celebrated on the 25th January (or the closest weekend), it’s an event that is usually accompanied by lots of whisky and some traditional haggis.

So it’s a good time to point out that Scotland also knocks out some absolutely stonking cheese, and we’ve stocked up on it to make sure people can have a proper Scottish cheeseboard to top off their evening.

Gruth Dhu (pictured), also known as Black Crowdie, is a soft cream cheese rolled in Scottish oats and black peppercorns.  A bit messy but delicious!

Isle of Mull, epitomising Scottish strength, really bites back.  It’s a very traditional, very mature cheddar and every bit as grown up as the cheddars from the opposite end of the land.

Corra Linn is a mature sheeps cheese from Lanarkshire.  Matured for eight or nine months its flavour is deep and satisfying.  It’s also great with fig relish!

Lanark Blue, is the Scot’s answer to Roquefort.  Hard, strong, blue sheep’s milk cheese with real character.  It’s saltier than most blues and deliciously savoury.

Strathdon Blue is a soft, creamy blue cheese made with cow’s milk.  It’s quite indulgent and often popular with people that proclaim they dislike blue cheese.

So don’t be a cowrin, tim’rous beastie…pop in and get something, er, teestie!

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