Sunday, 18th December, 2011

Christmas at last…

The deli and the cafe in the snow

Okay, we promised a spectacular Christmas section to drool over and delight in.  Sadly (and gladly!) we have been so overwhelmingly busy that we haven’t had time to prepare such an information extravaganza, so you’ll have to make do with this nice Christmassy post instead!


We’ve been harassing customers to get their Christmas orders in to us as soon as possible.  The deadline for guaranteed orders of meat was Friday, but we will still do our best to make sure we fill people’s orders as best we can.  And of course our stock is first come, first served, so by putting an order in you get priority!

Orders can be picked up any day you like, including Christmas Eve, but please bear in mind that day will be busy.


One of the services we offer all year round is making hampers.  They are put together in an elegant, burgundy, rippled card hamper box which is stuffed with wood wool for that traditional, rustic look.  In addition we can put together a ‘hamper bag’ using our eco-friendly jute shopping bags.  At this time of year we usually ask for 24 hours to put a hamper together and get it wrapped.

The cost?  You pay for the hamper box and the contents – we will put it together and wrap it for free!  Our hampers are way more reasonable than those you’ll find in the supermarkets or department stores, and of course the quality of the contents is also a cut above.  The small boxes are £3, the medium boxes and hamper bags are £4 and the large hamper boxes are £5.

Pop in and have a chat to us, we can help you put together the perfect hamper for your friends or family.

Ho, ho, ho!

A very Chistmassy picture of our shop

The shop is packed full of goodies and we don’t like to think of people limiting their Christmas pantry with the bland offerings from the supermarkets.  We do our best to make your Christmas better, so why not stop by and get something to make the holiday memorable, even if it’s just a couple of sugar mice!

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