Sunday, 27th November, 2011

Winter time is soup time

Some pots of our soup

Winter seems to be late; it’s cold but still not cold.  Regardless of the temperature, the seasons have changed and we switched over (a couple of months ago actually) from summer salads to winter soups.

The soups are made right here in the Deli kitchen – zero ‘food miles’ (that’s not exactly how it works, but you get what we mean).  Katie puts the industrial ‘thunder-stick’ blender to good use and knocks out a wide range of incredibly tasty soups.  Soups are a very simple product and as such the quality of the ingredients is immediately noticeable – for good soups you need good stuff.  We always buy English veg where we can, meats are always local and free-range, and any cheeses are – well, let’s be honest, they’re awesome because cheese is pretty much what we do.

The range of flavours varies depending on a couple of things – availability of produce, or more often, what Katie actually fancies making.  The flavours pictured are Broccoli & Stilton, Carrot & Coriander, and Curried Parsnip & Apple.  Other flavours include Potato & Leek, Gentle Lentil, Spicy Tomato & Lentil, Tomato & Lentil (not spicy), Tuscan Bean & Vegetable Stew, Spiced Butternut Squash, and quite a few more but it’s probably getting boring reading this list, so we’ll leave it at that.

The soups are sold in single servings and are in those lovely, eco-friendly, “I can’t believe it’s not plastic” pots.  Feel free to chuck them on your compost heap if you so desire, or just throw them in the bin without feeling guilty.

We sell the soups fresh but also try to keep a range in the freezer.  There’s usually at least one soup on the go in the café and since it’s hot, we also sell it as take-away in the deli.  There’s plenty of soup, so why not stew yourself a favour and try some next time you’re in!

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