Sunday, 27th November, 2011

Beg your puddin’?

One of our puds

We’ve put out Katie’s Mum’s Christmas puds at long last.  And these aren’t just any puddings (thanks a lot M&S for turning that phrase into a cliché), we make them ourselves and they’re tasty as heck.   Okay, Katie’s Mum does most of the work but we help!

There’s a selection of sizes that will accommodate everything from Christmas for Two, up to some seriously large family gatherings.  And yes, they are suitable for vegetarians.

World Famous…?

In our peak year at our first deli (The Dedham Gourmet, R.I.P.) we sold around 200 Christmas puddings, although we’re still not sure how we made that many.  In that year we had plenty of repeat sales from satisfied customers, but what amused us was that some of these customers had moved away.  Far away.

In addition to the customers that were away, we also received orders from their relatives and friends.  We ended up sending our puds to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Spain, America, Canada, New Zealand and even South Africa.  We understand one pudding was also destined for Australia but sadly we never heard if it made it there successfully.  That pretty much makes our puds ‘world famous’.

So this is your chance people of Wivenhoe, hurry up and get yours before they’re gone!

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