Friday, 25th November, 2011

A taste of Christmas

Winter Spiced Liqueuer

Adnams now produce spirits and their range is of exceptional quality.  They are coming by on Saturday, 3rd of December to do a tasting with their spirits.  They’ll set up a little stand in the deli and you can pop in, try a bit of booze and have a chat with them about what they produce.  We may even get them to do some of the wines as well, but we recommend everyone get a snifter of the Winter Spiced Liqueur (pictured), then pick up a bottle to perk up the cold Wivenhoe Christmas evenings.

Their move into spirits is a much appreciated one and their Copper House still (now one year old!) is in very capable hands.

The Adnams Still

We stock several items from the Adnams range of spirits: Barley Vodka, Adnams Gin, Winter Spiced Liqueur, Sloe Gin and even a couple of bottles of the Limited Edition Limoncello (correct at time of writing – once they’re gone, they’re gone!).  We’ll also stock their Whisky when it finally turns up but that’ll be a few more years as yet.

Adnams are probably best known for making beers, owning pubs and being from Southwold.    Their repertoire is more extensive than this however.  As wine merchants they source a fantastic selection of wines from around the world and even put their own labels on some of it; the Adnams Champagne being our Champagne of choice.  In fact our entire selection of wine is provided by Adnams.

So we have their wines, their beers and their spirits.  Pop along on Saturday 3rd of December and have a taste of what we have for sale.

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